Bimini Top Measuring

How To Measure Your Boat For A Bimini Top.

How To Measure Your Boat For A Bimini Top

Bimini Top Measuring

How To Measure Your Boat For A Bimini Top

All that's necessary to determine which size top to order is choosing the length, height, and width that best accommodates your boat and your requirements. Remember that height as well as length determines how much shade your bimini top will provide. Consider the coverage area when the top is deployed or opened and also where it falls when it's closed and folded down at the rear of the boat. Ensure that there is enough space in front of and behind the deployed top to mount eye straps to secure the hold-down straps.

  • Using a tape measure, decide which length top provides the desired amount of shade coverage to your boat.

  • The pivotal mounting point will be approximately at the center point of the top on each side of the boat. Swivel deck mounts included with the top are designed to mount on a variety of flat surfaces. Optional mounts are available for rail mounting.

  • After determining where the pivotal mount location will be on each side of the boat, measure the distance between these mounting points to determine the width of top you need. This measurement is not the same as the beam width of your boat. The frame has some flex so it can be mounted over the width range indicated in the selection chart. Choose the width that most closely matches your mounting point width measurement.

  • While standing inside the boat, measure from the pivotal mounting point straight up to determine the desired height. This measurement should be the minimum headroom clearance desired. Note that the height of the top is not the distance from the boat floor or the length of the frame arms. Straps allow for 2"-3" height adjustment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bimini Tops

  • How do I know what size of a bimini top to order?
    The first thing you need to do is determine where you are going to mount the bimini. Determine how much overall height you need, and then subtract the height from the floor up to the mounting point (or simply calculate the height from the mounting point, up). Then, decide how much coverage you want fore to aft, and then measure the width between the two mounting points. Note that the width is listed in a range of widths; these tops are adjustable to accommodate these ranges.

  • How fast can I drive my boat with the bimini top up?
    We recommends that you not exceed 50km/h with the bimini top up.(Depends on Height and width)

  • What mounting hardware comes standard with the bimini tops?
    The bimini tops that we carry in the catalog come with hardware to mount the tops to a horizontal surface (i.e. a gunwhale, square handrail, or the deck). For all biminis except the pontoon models, this hardware is made of nylon; For Stainless steel fittings, you can choose with fitting you need to solve your mounting problem.

  • Can the bimini top fold down to either the front or the back?
    Yes. The way the frame is designed, it will lay flat in only one direction, but by removing the two thumb screws you can turn it around to collapse in the opposite direction.

  • What is the matching boot?
    All of the bimini tops that we offer, include a zippered storage boot made of the same material and color as the top. This boot allows you to protect your collapsed bimini and you from your from your collapsed bimini by neatly stowing the fabric, straps etc.



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